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Quick Update:

These past few weeks and past month have been very full. Since I finally got my Plane Tickets, my time has mostly been spent on gathering items I'll need on my trip. Hiking gear, sleeping accommodations, as well as some addition camera gear. I've been blown away by the amount of generosity from the people who have given both on this fundraiser and outside of it. The Lord blesses those who give generously!

Though on this fundraiser the goal looks far away, I am nearing very close to my goal! I'm believing that before the month of November is over, that all finances will be in and all will be paid in full. The rest after that will be icing on the cake!

Recently I was reading the Book of Genesis and the Story of Creation and I had a thought or a revelation, depending on the way you look at it. The Lord is our Creator, the Creator of all, and we are made in His image. But, He has instilled within us the desire and want to create. I myself desire and want to create films and photographs. That small piece of who the Father is, is within everyone. We all can create like Him.

As I'm going to YWAM Queenstown, I've been praying that the Lord would direct my creativity and my mind that the things I create would be inspired by Him. It's more than evident that those who listen and heed to the Word of the Lord prosper and reign victorious!

Thanks again, love you all!

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