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YWAM Queenstown | Volume One

This first week has been remarkable! It’s hard to put into words all that the Lord has been doing. Being in a community of young people who’s burning desire is to know God deeper is so encouraging and uplifting. So many nations and cultures are being represented here and it shows that people across the globe are hungry for more of Him and His glory.

I’m so grateful for these new friendships that God has given me here too. So many magnificent people from so many place. From the USA, to Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Malaysia, Germany, Ireland, and even more. These people, who are my age, have such a hunger to delight in the Fathers heart and to experience His true love. They walk in this gifts of the spirit, words of knowledge, and they due so in unshakable confidence in their Father. [Matthew 28:18]

Even in my own life, I have felt a wave of the Fathers love like I’ve never felt before. Being spoken and invested into by this new family has been a true delight and I get to call them all my brothers and sisters. During the first few days at YWAM Queenstown, I felt very out of place and like this place wasn’t “home”. But during my morning devotions, staring up at the Misty Mountains, I was given a new revelation of what home really is. It isn’t about a locations but a heart posture. My home is found in my Creator and His majesty. With that, I am starting to feel right at home. [Psalm 18:16-24]

This week was also the week where we go around and share our life stories and testimonies. It was a profound time of healing and letting the Lord release past hurt from so many of the young people who have come. Myself included. We all declared words and called each other into their true identity as sons and daughters of Christ. I’m so grateful and have savored every moment. [Isaiah 1:18]



I just want to thank you for all your support both in prayer and finances. I am amazed by the way the Lords has moved upon your heart and I declare that you would be blessed abundant in this new year! The Lord loves a cheerful giver. If you would like to continue supporting me, you can do so in the link below.

[2 Corinthians 9:7]


Josiah Gibbs

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