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YWAM Queenstown | Volume Two

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

The Lord is so good! This week has been beyond describable and has been a great time of new revelation in Him. Week Two has been entirely about Hearing God’s Voice and drawing closer in your relationship with Him. I’ve been rocked throughout this incredible week in many ways and it’s been so awesome!

Going into this week, I thought that I knew God’s Voice. (Key word Thought)

I knew that God spoke to me and that I could always talk to Him, but I never felt a true relationship with Him in the case of hearing His voice tangibly. But over the course of this week, I have been immensely stretch with how all this time I’ve had this expectation on Him to always answer me, but all He wanted was to simply spend time with me. It may seem like a simple revelation, but it made me view my time spent with God in a whole new manner. [Psalm 95:7]

I’ve been going on early morning walks and spending time in a garden that looks out over Lake Wakatipu and up to the Remarkable’s Mountain Range. In this time, I’ve been doing my devotions, getting in the word, spending time in prayer and intercession, as well as worship. Sitting in the dew wet grass as the sun peaks over the mountains and the sun rays kiss my face, I hear His voice more than ever. [Jeremiah 29:5]

We also have time with our “One on One’s” which is spending time with a staff member to talk about what you’re experiencing and going through on your DTS. For me, I have an incredible man named Mike Marquees. He has an incredible testimony and is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. He’s been a tremendous blessing to me and just listening to me as well as giving me great wisdom and advice. I couldn’t be more thankful for him! [2 Corinthians 9:7]

Unto you, I just want to give thanks for all the financial and prayer support that you’ve given me as I’m here at YWAM Queenstown! I couldn’t be hear if it wasn’t how the Lord moved upon the hearts of His people and I’m so grateful! If you’d like to continue to partner with me, you can do so in the link below!


Milford Sound Photos coming soon…


Josiah Gibbs

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