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YWAM Queenstown | Volume Ten

My last week in New Zealand. It’s hard that it’s come to this, with Outreach being canceled. But in this last week I’m remembering to savor every moment and to reflect on all that God has done in this remarkable time. Spending these final moments with the people who I cherish the most. But in this time of coming to grips with leaving my home away from home, I’ve been drawing closer to the Father and His heart.

This week we had the honor of having Bob Scroggins. He’s been with YWAM for the past 40 years and He was the best person to have in this time of mourning. To have someone who reflects the heart and love of the Father is exactly what we needed. Bob is an incredible man who truly taught from the heart and was able to bring such a great peace to a time of heart break and chaos. He was even an incredible source of reconciliation between a lot of people and their own fathers. I’m grateful for my earthly father and he’s been awesome to me. But this week for me was simply seeing my Fathers heart in a time where I couldn’t see where I’d be tomorrow.

This week isn’t a typical one and this isn’t like a typical newsletter. This has been a week of letting go and a week of holding on. Letting go of New Zealand and holding onto Gods promises. But in letting go, I know that I’ll be back in New Zealand. I don’t know what that will look like, but I know that when the Lord tells you something, you can hold onto that promise because He is faithful.

Thank you for all your support in this journey! Though it may seem like it hasn’t been fulfilled to its fullness, I know God wants me back in Florida. Thank you for all your prayers, response to these letters, and even supporting me financially. Not a single moment of this DTS have I felt lack and it’s been because of how the Lord has moved on your heart, so thank you!

If you’d like to continue to support me, you can do so in the link below!


Josiah Gibbs

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