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YWAM Queenstown | Volume Seven

Identity is one of the key things in your life that you want to have God at the center of. When He’s is your firm foundation and allow His thoughts to define you, the enemy can't have foothold in your life. Jesus died on The Place fo the Skull that we might have freedom over our own skulls and minds. He reigns on the throne of our hearts and He is the link in the 18 inch journey from the head to the heart.

This week we had the privilege of having Joanne Blaik from YWAM Townsville Australia come to speak on this topic of Identity. She has been in YWAM for over 20 years and has lived a life in complete surrender unto God. She has a testimony that shows of Gods goodness and how important it is to be firmly planted in your identity in Christ.

Over the past few weeks, a few of the staff told me that Identity week was the week that wrecked them the most. That it was a week of great breakthrough and deliverance for themselves and finally believing the words that the Lord was saying over them and not the lying words of the enemy. For me hearing this I didn’t expect much from Identity week because I didn’t see anything in my life that I “needed fixing”. But the Father did such a work in me! I merely see the surface level and He revealed deep things within me that was defining me. Those things were not of Him and through God I received deliverance!

We spent so much time going into scripture and seeing how the enemy tries to point out those little things in our life and turn them into the biggest strongholds, but because of the death, burial, and resurrection, we have full dominion and power over of minds in Christ Jesus! He is love at His very essence and will always have the best in my for you! He is sufficient and more than enough!

He is our Shepard who provides so that you may never have fear of the future, so that you can rest in what you have! He is the Potter who takes His time and uses great precision to mold and shape us and applying pressure to us in the process. He is the Gardener of our spirit, soul, and body; who prunes us and is tender to our every need in every stage of growth that we will bear good fruit. He is our Father in every hardship we may endure and a shoulder to lean on in our pain.

Through this process, a need thing is a scary word called “Vulnerability”. It is a word that makes people uncomfortable and that is one of the best things to be. You can’t be comforted without first being uncomfortable. A common lie is that vulnerability is a weakness because it is an emotional risk, exposure, and uncertainty, but is a great measure of courage. Vulnerability in reality is the birthplace go innovation, creativity, and change! If we become vulnerable, we are making ourselves available so that the Lord can come into our lives and take away our guilt and shame.

Once again thank you so very much for your prayers and financial support! God is so good and I am so blessed by the way He moves upon the hearts of His people! I’m so grateful and I pray that the Lord does unto you the same as you have done for me! Below I have my link if you’d like to partner with me as well as some specific prayer points I have.

Prayer Requests:

Finances | God has provided in an incredible way and I have enough for Outreach Phase, but for day to day living as well as additional thing I have to purchase, finances are much need. God will provide, He always does!

Peace of mind | In these final weeks of Lecture Phase a lot has been on my mind concerning Outreach, being homesick, and even what I’ll be doing after DTS. The Lord has placed a few things on my heart for after YWAM, but prayers for that would be much appreciated!

Rest | This past week has been very incredible, but it has also been very stressful. A lot has been on my plate and at times it feels like I’m biting off more than I can chew. I’ve been trying to be intentional about having time to rest, but there’s just always another thing to do.

Thank you again for all the feedback! I love hearing how the Lord uses this newsletter and the ways it affects you as you read it. I want to pray a blessing over you that you will have increase in whatever you are asking and desiring the Lord for! We serve a loving and generous Father who loves to bless His kids!


Josiah Gibbs

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