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YWAM Queenstown | Volume Nine

I love it when I meet people who mess with me. At least mess with me in a good way. Whether you like it or not, those kind of people enter your life every now and again and you can’t do anything about it, but grow from it. That was this week for me.

The topic of this week was the Fear of the Lord & Lordship with Mark Parker. Mark is from New Zealand and is based out of Gisborne, New Zealand. He has been apart of YWAM for 30 plus years and has been speaking on DTS’s for the past 20 or so. Out of all the people who has spoken on this school, Mark Parker messed with me the most. But as I said earlier, he messed with me in all the right ways!

In Marks Lectures, there is one thing that he wanted to nail down hard, and that was how to live a life with the Fear of the Lord and what that means in your life. To pick up your cross daily and follow Him! That may seem easy, but that has all to do with you. We need to lay down our idols and pick up the things He’s placed upon us in complete submission to Him!

One of the things Mark touched one, which is the thing that messed with me, was that he wants to press our buttons. My first instinctive response was “Well I don’t want you to push my buttons, that’s really inconsiderate and frankly rude!” But after after a great Lecture, Mark begged the question, “Why do you have those buttons?” That question went down into my heart and made me realize a profound revelation. If I have a button in my life that could be pushed, maybe I shouldn’t have it.

There was a whole in that statement that the Lord pulled out of me and it helped me to pick up somethings for the future that I’m looking forward to! It even helped me to look into myself and see that if I really do want to give the Lord my everything, there’s some stuff in my life that I have to give to Him first. Including the things that I don’t want to let go of.

God has been so good and He has provided great peace in this time. With having to go home due to Covid-19, I’ve had to rebook my flights and it has been quite strenuous and somewhat stressful from time to time. But none the less, God’s been in it all! Thank you for supporting me and keeping me in your prayers through this wild time!

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Josiah Gibbs

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