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YWAM Queenstown | Volume Eight

God is the one and only true God, yet He is a trinity in nature. In today, we tend to neglect what is the third part of God. The Holy Spirit. Many believe that “The Holy Spirit can’t operate today”, but that is so false. Jesus wouldn’t say to us that we would do greater things than He and not allow us to have Holy Spirit. He is alive and breathing today doing signs and wonders that people are perplexed by!

This week out base leader, Michael Newville, spoke on this topic of The Holy Spirit. Michael brought great depth to this subject and wisdom that has been imported to him over the years from others and Holy Spirit himself. He lives a life of constantly acknowledging The Holy Spirt in his life because Christianity without Holy Spirit is nothing. [Romans 12:1&2

Many have a hard time believing in Holy Spirit simply based on the fact that they haven’t seen Him work in their life. The problem with that is because those people haven’t even invited Holy Spirit into them. You should have faith and trust that Holy Spirit will move, never operate out of fear or unbelief. [James 2:17]

Even by those who do have Holy Spirit, you can never control it or fully understand it. It isn’t a formula but a relationship. He’s always looking for a hike where He wants to dwell. It was first in the Tabernacle, now it’s in us. We are designed to have Holy Spirit in us, therefore we are to tend to our temples with holiness.

[1 Corinthians 3:16]

In talking about Holy Spirit, it’s important to talk about it in the context of missions. With us going on Outreach to various locations in a few weeks, being aware of the Spiritual atmospheres of where we’re going is vitally important and how it affects the land. Every nation has their own different issues and problems, so it’s key to go equipped to battle and defeat those strongholds that the enemy has in those places. We fight those battles on Heavens turf and he has no power there! [1 John 5:14-15]

On the final night of Holy Spirit week we had a ministry night to speak over one another and worship. On that night, one of the staff named Marissa, who has practically been my DTS mom, spoke over me and Holy Spirit wrecked me. She began to saw how not only am I as Son of God, but a Man of God. In coming to YWAM, it has been a journey of coming into my own and “being my own man” and she called that out of me and declared that I don’t need to search for that because I already walk in that. I bawled my eyes out and the love of the Father was all over me! He’s so good! [Ephesians 2:18]

Thank you so very much for all of the feedback! It means so much that you read these newsletters and that the Lord has put it on your heart to support me! The Lord provides in so many ways including prayers and finances and He is more than sufficient! If you’d like to continue partnering with me, you can do so in the link below. [2 Corinthians 9:7]

Just as a few specific prayer requests:

Peace Amongst the Virus: It is currently very tense at Base with both the staff and the students. It has been very stressful and looking at Outreach has been very challenging considering they might be cancelled due to the Covid-19 Outbreak.

Finance Provision: God has been providing greatly and my Outreach is almost covered! I’m believing that it will be fully covered soon and that I’ll even be able to bless others on DTS!


Josiah Gibbs

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