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YWAM Queenstown | Volume Three

Praise the Lord! Another powerful week that goes beyond words! God has been showing His goodness and His great might in these past days. Everyday has been filled with tears and great joy!

This week has been on the topic of Holiness & Humility, which has sparked powerful conversation as well as conviction. Both in my life and as well as others. How we treat our relationships, living set apart before the Lord, as well as what it means to be humble. The Lords been doing a great work in my heart and mind on this topic and I’m so thrilled to further experience the Fathers heart!

[1 Corinthians 3:16-17]

We’ve been going over the importance of purity in your singleness and how it affects you in your relationships both now and in the future. Having accountability with others as well as having both physical and emotion boundaries. This being a time to be set apart unto the Lord and surrendering yourself to Him, it requires you to surrender your singleness.

[Psalm 4:3]

I also fasted this week on Wednesday as a physical act of setting time aside for the Lord and being with Him. It was quite challenging, but I’m so happy I did it. Giving my weariness and hunger unto the Lord and using that to spend time with Him has been so fruitful and reading through the Book of Job simultaneously made it a bit strenuous. But, praise God, I persevered and the Lord was present through it all. [Joel 2:12]

Thank you once again for your prayers and your generous giving! I am beyond grateful and thank the Lord for His people! I am here in Queenstown, New Zealand because of how the Lord has moved on the hearts of His people! I speak abundance over you, your family, and your finances! That you may prosper in all that the Lord directs you! [2 Corinthians 9:7]

I AM ENOUGH for you.

I will fill your cup to overflowing.

I am good, so let me be good.

Let me shoulder your heavy burdens.

Instead, you carry My heart.

- Emma Reddin [Arise DTS Student]

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Josiah Gibbs

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