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What Is A Women? | Film Review

Well, I haven’t written one of these in a while. The last movie I did a full review on a film was for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and that was a complete pile of burning garbage that Disney called “the grande finale to the saga”. It’s quite a feat that a studio that large can create something that terrible, but I digress.

Today I am writing on the newest documentary from The Daily Wire and Matt Walsh title, “What Is A Women?” This is a small production studio that came out swinging on the hard hitting topic of gender and woke ideology that has been plaguing the landscape of modern America. This film was not made to misrepresent any group of people or individuals; but to get to the truth in the lies that are being spewed out of our institutions.

Coming into this film, I was both looking forward to it and dreading it. Matt Walsh is a host of a daily talk show that discusses current events and political commentary that is most considered “conservative media”. For those that know me, Matt and I share a lot of the same beliefs and I have no problem admitting to that.

Matt took the approach to this documentary of asking this question with a mindset of genuinely trying to find the truth. Not trying to turn a conversation into a yelling fest, but to have a civil discussion and let the truth speak for itself. And that is exactly what this documentary does.

My hope is that when you read this, you are aware of the implications that this documentary presents. Not just as a piece of entertainment, but as a call to action for we the people in protecting our families, children, and even country. I am aware of the intensity of that statement, so I guess you’ll have to watch the film to find out what that means.

Full spoilers from here, onward. Readers discretion is advised.

“What Is A Women?” Is the question you’re not allowed to ask. The documentary they don’t want you to see. Matt Walsh goes on an often comical, yet deeply disturbing journey, as he fearlessly questions the logic behind a gender ideology movement that has taken aim at women and children. [Excerpt taken from The Daily Wire]

As I mentioned in the opening of this review, I was looking forward to this film and dreading it. I enjoyed it a ton because of the humor that Matt Walsh brings to a very dark topic and it also informed me of things that I wasn’t even aware of that I otherwise would never have known unless I did a ton of research as Matt did in the documentary. The reason I was dreading it is because I see so much in the news and I wondered how it could get any worse and my fear was that this would go so deep that it would literally scar me. I can thankfully say that though it is a film that doesn’t pull punches and talks about the hard topics, it never gets to a place that I would consider “unwatchable”.

As I said, the humor in this movie was very well done. Matt brings a dry and cynical sense of humor that is very akin to my own and I greatly enjoyed it from that perspective. There is a portion when they visit a tribe in Africa to talk about the crazy gender ideology to and the tribesmen were shocked and laughing at the thought of a woman with a penis. Needless to say, I laughed a lot.

As most documentaries are, it was shot like a documentary and didn’t have too much flare but I can certainly say that it was a breathe of fresh air to see a new take on the documentary genre. The editing was done very well and it isn’t boring or slow at any points. I was intrigued the entire time and at no point did I even think to pick up my phone to check Twitter. It is a gripping documentary through and through.

Now on a much more serious note, this film made me even more greatly aware of the dangers that gender ideology presents when it comes to conversion therapy and gender affirmation surgeries. The evidence that is laid before you on the individuals that are doing these things and the blatant disregard for morality or common sense will shock you. It truly goes to show that a culture without God really does fall into the farthest forms of depravity and sin. The even scarier part is that they are going after children and the indoctrination is getting even stronger and more out in the open. The good news though, is that this is a fight we can win against.

Is this something I can recommend to anyone, absolutely not. This is not a film of those who cannot take the hard truth of what this film presents and I would only encourage you to watch this if you are simply wanting to watch it, are curious about it, or simply want to know more about this topic. I would encourage someone who has a differing opinion on this topic as well because we need to see people awakened to the harmful effects that this ideology is causing. This is not a film for the young or the weak. It’s a film for the those who are willing to look at evil in the face.

Did I enjoy this film? Yes. Is it something that I will watch again? Maybe. It’s hard to sit down and watch something repeatedly that grieves you and breaks your heart. It’s almost like watching the Passion of the Christ as a Christian. You understand the gravity of the film and it’s a challenge to get through it again and again.

“What Is A Women?” gave me a new understanding of this social depravity that we are seeing and it showed me how I can do something about it. To not be afraid of the mob, to speak the truth, and to simply know what a women is.

I’ll give “What Is A Women?” a 4/5.

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