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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

The story of Abby Johnson, the youngest clinic director of Planned Parenthood turned anti-abortion activist. Not only changing those around her, but the nation as a whole.

Going into this film, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if it was going to fall down the same “Christian Movie” trope with cheesy acting and a story as bland as a piece of toast or be something totally life changing. Thankfully, it was the latter. Seeing a movie that pulls no punches on addressing an issue as serious as abortion is something so needed and PureFlix did it in the best possible way.

Directors Cary Soloman and Chuck Konzelman did a masterful job at bringing this raw and gripping story to life in the best way imaginable, as well as Ashley Bratcher delivering an incredible performance. A shock to me was how well this movie was shot. Cinematographer, Drew Maw did a wonderful job capturing this film in the best possible way with unique angles and wonderful uses of visual story telling.

One thing I know that is in question about this movie is the R rating and personally, I felt that it did deserve it. Anytime blood was shown, they never shy away from it and doesn't hesitate to p

ut you, the audience, right up against the monitor seeing a child struggle for its own life. I’m not trying to be graphic. I’m just trying to be real.

Overall Unplanned was a very well done movie. It pulls at your heart and brings you to tears. If you’re expecting a powerful film, you’ll get it. But not in the way you will expect at all. I saw this with multiple friends and family and not one person had dry eyes by the time the credits rolled. Definitely see it if you have the chance.

I’ll give Unplanned a 4/5.

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