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The Journey Begins

We all have points in our life where we make a big decision. Something that can change the course of our future. In 2020, I’m stepping out in faith and making a decision lead by God to be His ambassador and to follow Him anywhere He leads me. In January of 2020, I will be going to Queenstown, New Zealand and take part in Youth With A Mission in their Discipleship Training School.

This started with a journey to the Holy Land of Israel. When going, I didn’t have any anticipations or expect anything of it. But as the trip went on, the Lord began to speak to me and reveal Himself to me in ways I couldn’t have fathomed. He began to spark missions in my heart and to go to nations and share the word of Christ. First hearing this, I was nervous. I had a set view of how I wanted my life to be and the Lord had entirely different plans. So I said, “If this is what you want me to do, make my path clear.”

A few months later, I went to an event called “The Send”. A worship, prayer, and revival meeting in Orlando, Florida that’s primary focus was to call the nations back to the Lord. It was at this very meeting that God made it clear where He wanted me and I realized that He sparked this I me years ago.

Backtrack to when I was in my early teen years, I always had a fascination with New Zealand. I mainly had to do with the films that were made there and the beautiful landscape. But as the years went on, the Lord kept New Zealand on my heart and have always prayed for them and had them on my heart. It was at The Send that it was revealed to me, New Zealand is where the Father wants me.

Then, a tragedy occurred. The Christchurch Shooting on March 15th, killing 51 people in 2 Muslim Mosques. When this happened, I was furious. I was angry and upset that this peaceful and loving nation would become a place of terror and mourning. The Lord spoke to me on that day saying, “Let what breaks My heart, break your heart.”

I asked the Lord how I’m to get to New Zealand and where He wants me. He kept putting “YWAM” before me. (Youth With A Mission) So I began doing research on bases and praying about where the Lord wanted me. He answered saying “Queenstown”. I had plans of going in the fall of 2020, but the Lord told me that in this time of my life I need to be there sooner. I told the Lord (great idea) that He would have to provide and make it happen. He said, “Put your trust in me.” So I have.

In January, I will be going to Queenstown and taking part in their Discipleship Training School and will be there until June. (Around my birthday actually) I’m going to Queenstown to be trained and equipped to go to the nations and spread the Lords name and to win souls who have never heard His name. That the lost will be found, the blind see, the orphan no more, the lame walk, and so much more. Jesus said that we will do greater things than He and He performed signs and wonders that are unfathomable in this day and age. I work a full time job as well as for my church, but I want to ask. If you feel led to, if you’d like to partner with me as I’m going to the nation of New Zealand, I have a link below that will lead you directly to my funding campaign.

I need just over $9,000 to reach my goal and I’m also trying to get some extra accommodations as well. Such as clothing, travel gear, and equipment. If you would like to partner with me, I thank you in advance. If you can’t give, please pray that in this time of stepping out in faith that the Lord will provide, and I believe He will. Thank you.

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