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The Grave is Empty

On this day, thousands of years ago, the stone was rolled away and Jesus came back from the dead! The One who took on the sins of the world is alive and holds the ultimate victory over sin and death. He was bruised, beaten, crucified, and resurrected! He took on a sinners death, that we might receive eternal salvation through the power of His name!

In the time I’ve been reading the Book of Exodus and it goes over the Passover lamb and the preparations that it must go through for the Holy meal, celebrating the freedom that Israel would soon have leaving Egypt. Though it is a gruesome thing, the lamb in Exodus died the same as Jesus Christ on the day that the veil was torn. Not a single bone broken, the back torn open and the side pierced. Hung up, arms stretched out, that the blood would be drained.

We see this gruesome description in Exodus, but when we read the Crucifixion, the final Passover lamb, Jesus Christ was treated just as such. Not a single bone broken, His back torn open at the whipping post and His side pierced. Hung on a cross, arms out, and the blood of the Savior was drained. But do not be in sorrow! That same Savior abolished the power of hell and rose from the grave! He reigns victorious and even now sits at the right hand of the Father!

While in Dunedin, New Zealand I took this photo and when I did, all I could think of is the image of Jesus coming out of the grave. A light shining from the darkness. Taking back every key and securing us in our place in His kingdom forever. He rose and is now more alive than ever before. In the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, “Strike me down and I’ll become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” Jesus went above and beyond that! He’s alive! He conquered the grave!

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