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The Goldfinch | Review

This story follows Theodore Decker. As a young boy he lost his mother in a tragic bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Because of his grief it changes the course of his life and sends him spiraling through a story of redemption and love. The only memory of his mother that still remains is the painting of a Goldfinch that Theodore took the day of the bombing.

This film is one that caught my eye simply because its star-studded cast. Ansel Elgort, Nicole Kidman, Jeffery Wright, Finn Wolfhard, and many other talented actors. As well as reading that Roger Deacon was Cinematographer, I knew if anything, this film would look phenomenal. All that being said it was kind of just that.

Directed by John Crowley, creating an adaptation of the beloved novel “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt, this is a story that has real potential as well as the capability of having Oscar-Worthy performances, but even in that department, this film still falls short.

Theodore Decher, played by Ansel Elgort, is an emotional young man dealing with a tough life and an even tougher drug addiction. I’m not going to make it seem like Elgort is a bad actor because he isn’t. But, the last role most saw him play as was “Baby Driver”, arguably one of the most emotionless characters on screen as far as an outside appearance and seeing Ansel trying to come across with emotion was at times cringe worthy. Also Nicole Kidman, an incredible actress, was underused immensely. She did a wonderful job in every scene that she was in, but was very underutilized.

As I said, this film was shot by Roger Deacon and it looks INCREDIBLE! If anything, I’d watch this just for the cinematography alone. It’s that good. Deacon makes the most bland and boring place have life and brings true emotion to elevate a scene and I think I enjoyed this film a little more than I should have due to him being Director of Photography.

One big complaint as well is that this film is 2h & 30m long. It drags on so bad so many times and I can’t even count how many times I looked at my watching thinking, “Its gotta be wrapping up soon”. I think shaving 30m off of this would have made it a lot better considering how many sub-plots there are with them either having a dull concussion or no concussion at all.

All in all, Goldfinch is another Oscar-Bait attempt at something that could have been something truly special but lacked an individual who could cut off the fat and keep the meat. If you have any interest in this film, by all means, go see it. But personally, I’d wait till its release on digital.

I’ll give the Goldfinch a 2/5.

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