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To delight in, enjoy or appreciate completely, esp. by dwelling on it

This is the word that has been on my mind coming into 2020. As I’m embarking on heading to New Zealand, I’ve been savoring every moment here in Florida. With friends, family, and alone time with the Lord. Sitting and delighting in these final days has been truly wonderful.

I know as well that in my time at YWAM that I will savor every moment. Every person I meet, every mountain I climb, every moment I spend with the Father as He instills new things in me as a gardener planting seed into the ground. I delight in this new time of growth that I am about to step into and will enjoy every moment at its fullest.

It is truly remarkable to able to go on this journey and experience all that the Lord has in store. I’m so grateful! Thank you so very much to everyone who has supported me on this journey and blessing me so abundantly as well as keeping me covered in prayer! Words can’t describe my appreciation towards each of you. If you’d like to support me, message me and I can send you details.

But more than anything, I just ask for your prayers. Prayers that as I’m in New Zealand I will experience the Lord even greater and walk into what He has for me. Prayers of safety on my travels that the Lords angels will protect and surround me.

I also encourage that coming into this new year that we savor what the Lord is speaking to us now. Not looking into the past at what was or what could have been, but to all that the Lord has laid before us. Savor those around you and all the the Father is doing in you and through you.

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