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March 2021 | Lightning

This is a bit late, but Happy Resurrection Sunday! I hope that this month has been a blessing to you and that the Lord has continued to reveal himself in new ways! I know He certainly has for me! March has certainly been a busy month, but it has helped me set my priorities with Him and knowing what can exit and enter both my life and what captures my attention. I wanted to share what God has been putting on my heart recently and what He has been revealing to me, I pray that this stirs your spirit and that this is a fresh revelation to you!

Over this past month the imagery of lightning has been highlighted to me as I’ve been reading through Scripture. In Matthew it describes the Angel at Jesus’ tomb to have a “countenance like lightning”. In Exodus the Lord appeared to Moses on the top of Mount Sinai in a thick cloud where there was thunder and lightning. Going back to Matthew, he talks about The Great Tribulation where “For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will be the coming of the Son of Man be.” God loves lightning. He likes to appear in a sudden and unexpected nature.

Matthew 28:3 | Exodus 19:16-20 | Matthew 24:27

As I was spending time in prayer and asking why He was highlighting this, I was reminded of a song that I heard while I was at YWAM. So, I put it on and to my surprise, the bridge to the song says,

“I am lightning and You are the ground”

The song is all about someone who is asking the Lord for the strength to let go, the strength to surrender, the strength to stop holding on, and how when you receive that strength from the Lord, He will show you the way home. In my last newsletter/blog I talked about The Power of Forgiveness and this was gave me the revelation of what I needed to walk out in order to let go. Realizing that I don’t have the strength to without Jesus. I may seem simple or basic, but He knew exactly what I needed.

So, how does that correlate to lightning? Well what the Lord did through that song happened suddenly, just like lightning. It was completely unexpected and I did not see it coming, yet He struck me with that just as if He was lightning and I was the ground.

As I’m writing this a thunderstorm started and lightning is flashing, so that’s pretty cool too!

All this to say, God can and will move in our lives in sudden and impactful ways. Even when we don’t expect it or necessarily asking for it, He knows what we need and He simply asks for our surrender. I pray that in whatever you may be walking through, that the Lord will light the way and that you would embrace the suddenly moments that He has for you.

That is all from me. I pray that that rings true in your spirit and that you carry that revelation with you!

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Prayer Requests: New Zealand | I’m longing to go back, so prayer for peace in where I’m at but to have continued zeal for my mission as well as the Base there as they are running their first DTS since January 2020.

Victory Church | Continued prayer for us to find our building. We are growing a lot and we need to find a place soon to bring in the Harvest!

Rest | I’ve been having a lot going on and I need to slow down more and take on less.

Continued Creativity | I’ve got some ideas for personal projects and I’d really like to be able to do them soon.

Growing Community | I have a scarce amount of people my age that I hang out with and I’m believing for more like minded people who live by me.

Answered Prayers: Walking in Forgiveness | Of course it’s always a constant work, but the Lord has done some good heart surgery on me in this area.

Guidance | I’ve been hearing from the Lord recently and I’m starting to see my next steps slowly manifesting.

Music To Check Out:

The Strength to Let Go | Switchfoot


Wearing A Blindfold and Running | Elyssa Smith

Lightning - Single | Pat Barrett & Harolddd

Shy Away | twenty one pilots

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