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Hobbs & Shaw | Review

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

The Fast & Furious boys are back and this time they go up against, Brixton, a mechanic enhanced super soldier hell bent on wiping out half the population so that only the strong will survive. But Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw will stop at nothing with the fate of the world on their massive shoulders to stop him.

First and foremost, I have NEVER seen a Fast & Furious movie prior to this. I have no background on any of the movies in this franchise and have had no interested in watching those films. That being said, I throughly enjoy this movie. Seeing the trailers that showed Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham running around punching people left and right and driving cars the whole movie seemed like “a fun ride”.

Director David Leitch, previously known for John Wick and Deadpool 2, did a great job making a world with two meatheads bashing at each other enjoyable filled with great action sequences along the way. The Cast was “rock” solid with Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Idris Elba, and Venessa Kirby all delivering performances that will have you smiling from frame one. This film has some surprise cameos along the way that I won’t spoil, but were hands down one of favorite parts of the movie.

The Action in this movie was quite enjoyable. At times it feels a bit plastic-like with people on the motorcycles, but overall it was well done. All the chases and fights were well choreographed with a good amount of thought put into them. It wasn’t a Mission Impossible movie where you are amazed, but you at least have moments where you’ll be wowed.

One key element of this film I enjoyed was the split in aesthetic. There are three distinct looks that this film has at different points in the movie. The First being in London, Shaws home. In it you see street views of luxury while he drives an F1 Mclaren. The Second is Russia, Brixton’s turf. There it has a dark, grey, and grim look filled with bleak corridors. The Third being Samoa, Hobbs’ home. There you have bright orange hues with custom cars everywhere and people with tribal tattoos. All of this to show that these three people are so different in background, but are similar is more ways than they think.

The Comedy is another thing I need to touch on. Yes, it is funny. But majority of the film its two large men trash talking each other about how stupid each others faces look and how one of them is way more charming than the other. It’s funny for say, the first 20 minuets, but falls down hill very quickly. The cameos make the movie for me and I had way more fun with that than the chemistry between Statham and Johnson.

All in all, Hobbs & Shaw was a fun ride that was a great time in theaters that I will probably never watch again. It had its moments but has no rewatch ability, but I will say, if another one of these are made, I will be sure to give it a watch.

I’ll give Hobbs & Shaw a 3/5.

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