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Becoming Ever-Changing

20 years old. It’s strange walking into a new season of life not knowing what the future holds in store. With how this year has unraveled itself, it’s difficult to look ahead with absolute certainty about certain things. But the great thing is that if there wasn’t a mystery, there would be no fun in it and that’s who God is. He is a mystery.

This past month has been a whirlwind, pulling me left and right with no end in sight of the craziness we call a “pandemic” and through it all, the Lord has been inviting me into a time of rest and peace. To slow down my world and tell it to stand still, to just sit with Him. I’m a workaholic, so when I sit still I feel unproductive, but every time I spend time with the Father, I feel so full. Amidst the busyness, it’s easy to feel as if your well has gone dry and I certainly have felt that. But the Lord not only fills us, He sustains us. [Isaiah 56:6]

I’ve been reading through Cageless Birds' Cultivate Devotions and I just finished Volume Two. The entire theme of this volume is “The Clarity Winter Brings” and one of the ways they show this is how when snow comes, a tree is forced to shed aways its beauty and simply focus its nutrients on survival. It causes the tree to dig its roots deeper and through that, causes even more growth than it would in any season. I think these past months has been a season where we will either do this, dig our roots down deeper into the Lord and grown in Him, or we will try to go without Him and die trying. There is an invitation that extends to all and the action is to get in the Word, spend time in prayer and intercession, being intentional with those the Lord has given you to cultivate their hearts and your own. [Proverbs 12:3]

Sometimes we have to be striped barren of our beauty so that the Father can minister to us in a way He can’t when we are in our season of fullness. It may even be hard to see God in the winter season, but His nearness is closer than ever. [Psalm 27:13]

The same goes for clay. God doesn’t mold us and then place us on the shelf, He is constantly working on us, down to the most minute details. He even has to take His time and sometimes being under His pressing hand is what we need. His work in us in never over and that is part of the joy of doing life with God, it’s a relationship that will never end. [Jeremiah 18:6]

This year of 20, I believe will better than any other. 2020 has been a rough one, lot gonna lie, but it’s been one of the best years of my life. Starting it with YWAM in New Zealand, then coming back to Florida, and what is yet to come is going to be magnificent! I have some exciting news that is going to be announced on July 20th, so stay tuned for that! Until then, I pray that God blesses you and ministers to you in ways that you wouldn’t expect. That you would rest with Jesus right where you are, seeing the fire in His eyes. [Daniel 10:6]

If you’d like to partner with me in missions, you can do so in the link below or send it in the mail. Anything you give helps tremendously and I am more than thankful that you have continued to support me!

Partner with me:

  • Josiah Gibbs

P.O. Box 51926

Sarasota, FL. 34232

Prayer Requests:

  • Contentment | Being home has been challenging and my heart is in so many places. The Lord has me in Florida and I know He is doing a work with me here and I want to walk in that.

  • Friendship | It’s been difficult with how lonely being home can be after being in such a tight knit community, but I have a two YWAM friends who live in Florida that just came home so just that I’ll be able to see them often.

  • Future & Discernment | The Lord has said a lot in the past few months and some is big decisions. Just be praying that I hear the voice of God in all things and that confirmations come in all those things.

Music to check out:

  • Come Judgement Day (Single) | John Lucas

  • The Reaches | Silicone Boone

  • Good God (Single) | Mission House

  • Live in Baltimore- EP | Will Reagan & United Pursuit

  • Vulnerability | Strahan

  • Doubter / Friend - EP | Liv Douglas

Thank you again for the blessing you’ve been! God uses you even when you don’t see it and you will one day see the fullness of how He has. Be blessed and stay steadfast before our Heavenly Father! Stay tuned for an announcement of July 20th!


Josiah Gibbs

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