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Aquaman Review

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

The story of Arthur Curry, a man of two worlds becoming the king and hero of Atlantis. After Justice League, I didn’t want to see another DC movie. I was just done with terrible movies with characters that we not likable in the slightest bit. So, when it was announced that the next DC movie was gonna be Aquaman, I didn’t want to see it. But, because I didn’t have anything better to do on a weekend and a few people wanted to know my thoughts, here it is. Director James Wan did a great job a making a previously unlivable character into someone who was relatable and likable along with establish a bright underwater world with incredible visuals. Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, and Nicole Kidman all delivered great performances and did fine overall. The script for this film was horrible and I feel only through James Wan and the great cast was this movie pulled off. I had moments where I rolled my eyes or even cringed but even then, I still enjoyed what I was watching. The VFX and SFX were great! Seeing an underwater city that was breathtaking to look at was a huge plus and even when scenes take place above ground, it was shot at an actual location and not a green screen. To me, the DC Universe is still broken is the sense that now we have two to established characters. That being Wonder Woman and now Aquaman. We still have characters like Superman, Batman, Cyborg, and Flash, that are yet to be fleshed out and I think DC is heading in the right direction. I hope at least. If you’re at all interested in seeing this, I’m sure you’ll will enjoy it. It’s a fun ride overall but it has it’s issues.

I’ll give Aquaman a 2.5/5.

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