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Amidst The Virus

The world is in a weird place. Something that started as a small epidemic has turned into an agent of chaos and turned the nations into a firestorm. Though it is hard to see Gods goodness in the middle of the storm, He said, “Be still and know that I am God.” [Psalm 46:10]

This has been a challenging time. With Covid-19 (better known as the Corona Virus) running ramped across the globe, the thing that we dreaded has had to take place. YWAM Queenstown has cancelled all Outreach’s to the nations. This was a very tough decision to make for our staff and it has brought tears to us all. It’s hard to be cut at the halfway point of DTS and not being able to complete what the Lord has commissioned you to do. The borders of the nations are closing and rejecting all missionary aid, so we are forced to go home.

With that, I will be returning home in the next few weeks to Florida. It is a bitter sweet return to say the least. The Lord has placed a great peace on my heart for this situation despite not being able to go to Papua New Guinea and East Timor, but it is hard to have to say goodbye to my new family here in New Zealand. I look at all 47 faces, both staff and student, and it brings me to tears to think that I’m going to have to say a seven lettered word that I may never be able to take back. Goodbye.

This has been an incredible journey here at YWAM Queenstown and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. God has given me such much of His love and despite the fact that I have to go home, DTS doesn’t stop here, it continues. Because of this unique situation with the Virus, YWAM Queenstown is offering me to be able to complete my own Outreach in my hometown. This has never been offered and it I something I feel called to take part in. God has more in store in the future, but for the months that I should be on Outreach, I’m going to dedicate that time as if it was my Outreach. Florida is my home and Florida is my Outreach!

God works in mysterious ways, we might not understand Him, but when we place our trust in Him, we will not be shaken. He may be too good to be understood, but He’s not too good to be true. He sticks closer than a brother and He is my ever present help! In this time, I ask that you be praying for us at YWAM Queenstown in these final weeks as we wrap up our Lecture Phase. Some are staying to take part in the DBS (Discipleship Bible School) but many are returning home, myself included. Thank you all for your prayer and support! It means so much that our Father placed each of you specifically to be such a blessing! God is good and forever faithful! If you would like to continue supporting me financially, you can do so in the link below.


Josiah Gibbs

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